slug1 [slug]
[ME slugge, slow, clumsy person or thing < Scand, as in Swed dial. slogga, to be sluggish < IE base * (s)leu-, to hang loosely, lax > SLUDGE]
1. any of a large number of small, gastropod mollusks, esp. the ones resembling a land snail, but having only a rudimentary internal shell buried in the mantle
2. a smooth, soft moth (family Eucleidae) or sawfly larva, resembling a slug
3. a person, vehicle, etc. that moves sluggishly
slug2 [slug]
[prob. < SLUG1]
1. a small piece or lump of metal; specif., a bullet
2. a piece of metal shaped like and used in place of a coin in automatic coin machines; esp., such a substitute coin when used illegally
3. Printing
a) a strip of metal used to add space between lines of type
b) a line of type made in one piece or strip, as by a linotype machine
c) a short heading, often a single word, indicating the subject of copy
4. Physics a unit of mass, equal to c. 14.6 kg ( c. 32.2 lb), to which a force of one pound imparts an acceleration of one foot per second per second
slugged, slugging
Printing to insert (a slug) between lines
slug3 [slug]
[prob. < Dan sluge, to gulp; akin to Ger schlucken, to swallow < IE base * (s)leug- > OIr slucim, (I) swallow]
Slang a single drink, esp. of straight alcoholic liquor
slug4 [slug]
slugged, slugging [< dial. (Shetland) slog, slag, a blow < ON slag, akin to OE slean, to strike: see SLAY]
Informal to hit hard, esp. with the fist or a bat
Informal a hard blow or hit

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